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BOOK NARRATION by Vincent Hase

Larry Kent: Client: Mafia

Eddie McEvoy wanted Larry Kent to take on a murder case even though he had no official, payng client. As far as Larry was concerned, it was none of his business. But then police Lieutenant Bruce Comstock warned him off, and that’s when Larry had a change of heart…

O'Brien Western: Squaw Man

Coyote was a renegade Apache who’d been spilling blood along the border for months. But now, he’d had enough of killing and was ready to disappear up into the mountains – provided the army agreed to deliver his wife safely to him inside two weeks. If anything happened to that squaw before she was reunited with her man, all hell would break loose…

O'Brien Western: Hangman's Noose

Freelance fighting man Carter O’Brien had 5,000 reasons to go after the notorious Timberlake brothers. Each was a dollar bill. But there was more to it that just the reward money. Isaac Parker, the “Hanging Judge” himself, had asked O’Brien to track down the murderous outlaws. If he didn’t get them before they got the judge, Parker would wind up handing from his own gallows.

O'Brien Western: Hard As Nails

Rancher Clint McNally was looking for someone to deliver $20,000 to the men who’d kidnapped his young son. Whoever took the job had to be as hard as nails, so professional fighting man Carter O’Brien was the natural choice. Still, McNally knew better than to trust that kind of money to one man, so he gave O’Brien a partner – a one-eyed, cigar-chewing soldier of fortune called Logan Tyree…

O'Brien Western: The Deadly Dollars

A mad-dog killer running loose up in the Rockies – A bank robbery that ended in death – A fortune in stolen greenbacks – And three hanged men swaying gently in the breeze – They were all elements in a bizarre mystery the likes of which professional adventurer Carter O’Brien had never encountered before. Up until a hidden sniper damn near killed him, all he’d wanted was to ride on to his next job in nearby Jackson’s Peak…

Savage Western: Savage

Savage was in the wrong place at the wrong time – Again. Was it his fault that women threw themselves at him, and trouble seemed to find him wherever he went? And even though his new “partner” helped him break out of jail, Savage had to get rid of this troublesome sidekick before he got them both killed…

Unflinching Series: Unflinching

In the unforgiving West, a lone Pinkerton detective is on the trail of two vicious killers. When the daughter of a famous ex-general is kidnapped, Detective Simms is assigned to bring her home. Forged in the Mexican War, this man of steel knows how to survive, and how to kill. But he needs all of his skill and guile to survive this unforgiving land, and bring the general’s daughter home…

World Hunger. War. Poverty. Greed. Vince Hase pretty much ignores all that and writes about whatever is on his mind at the moment. Considering he has ADD, it could be anything: The current political landscape; insightful delvings into the social morays of modern religion; what he had for dinner last night, and how it was even better cold the next morning.

History has been made with the finding of a literary treasure. A series of children’s books were green-lighted by the famed Stratemeyer Syndicate, but cancelled before shipping. It has been rumored that copies exist, but the parties involved have either been sworn to secrecy, or paid for silence – Until now, as the first book from this series has been found! Read this amazing piece of history.

Comedy is re-imagined as Vince’s brain explodes and all the pulpy bits spill into this podcast. Vince has Attention Deficit Disorder, multiple personalities, and a couple of STDs that were never tended to properly at the time of infection. In fact, since there are quite a few miles on this model, and he is well past his ‘sell-by’ date, you may want to listen quickly, before he drops dead.

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